Ear Mites

What are they?

Ear mites are microscopic, parasitic, insects that live in the ears of cats or dogs. They feast on blood; ear wax, and skin oil. They are most commonly found in cats and kittens, and are spread by contact with other animals.

How do I know if my pet has ear mites?

Ears mites causes very itchy ears and it is quite uncomfortable for them. So you will see them scratching their ears, shaking their head and there will be black, coffee ground like discharge in their ears.

I think my pet may have ear mites, what do I do?

Call us to set up an appointment. We will examine your pet, swab the ears and look at the discharge under a microscope. Ear mites can only be seen using a microscope and that’s how we can definitively diagnose ear mites in your pet.

How are ear mites treated?

The treatment is quite simple and easy. The ear examination will let us know if there is also an infection in the ear.  Ear drops for any infection will be sent home along with a topical medication to kill the ear mites called Revolution. All pets in the household will need to be treated as they can spread easily with direct contact.

How can I prevent ear mites?

Prevention is simple; apply the topical medication- Revolution once monthly to prevent any infections.

Ear mites under microscope

Ear mites under microscope

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