Parasite Prevention


Spring has sprung, the weather’s mixed, it’s prevention time for fleas and ticks!

While you and your pet may be enjoying the prospect of warmer temperatures, it can be a dangerous time for them; as with spring and summer comes fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms.

Don’t let their tiny size fool you, parasites can be a source of misery for your pet. Many can also carry nasty infections and diseases, that can be transmitted not only to your pet but to you and your family as well.

The good news is, prevention is simple with the proper medication!

We recommend starting tick prevention now, as they are most active in the spring and fall when the temperature is above 4° Celsius. We begin heartworm and intestinal parasite protection in June, when the warmer weather begins to wake up the rest of the seasonal offenders.

Our parasite prevention program protects your furry family member against the most common, persistent, and harmful parasites:

•  fleas

•  ticks

•  roundworms

•  hookworms

•  heartworms

Over the past few years Southern Ontario has begin to see more ticks than ever before. As a consequence of the increased tick population, we are seeing an increase in tick-borne diseases, including Lyme disease.

*Note: If you plan to visit Prince Edward County, Long Point Lake Erie or any wooded/long grassy areas with our dog, please ask us about the Lyme disease vaccination.

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